What you need to know to Prep your Property!


"Minimal but lived in is our moto". 

In order for your property to be shown in its best light there’s a few tricks to make this happen. The cleaner and better looking your property is presented the more beautiful the images will be. This will help generate enquires.

Throughout :

    •    De-clutter as much as possible, television remotes/electronic devices, cables, children’s toys and the like.

    •    Free up floor space, foot mats, bins, bags and shoes.

    •    Open blinds making sure they are all straight and level, straighten curtains and angle shutters to allows as much natural light in as possible.

    •    Lamps, sidelights and halogen spot lights on where possible.

    •    Cushions plumped and arranged, throws folded and placed.

        Kitchens :

    •    Get rid of all bins, pet accessories bowls and beds, ironing boards, sweeping brushes and the like.

    •    Hide washing up items, fairy liquid, scrubbers, oils, herbs and other worktop items. Clear the worktops!

    •    Fridge magnets, children’s stunning artwork and any other out of place items hanging.

    •    Tea towels, aprons and any laundry

    •    If your kitchen is a clean contemporary design its great to have it completely bare whilst an old country style English kitchen can work with props for example “Pepper mils and pestle and mortars”.

        Bathrooms and Shower Rooms :

    •    Completely clear toothbrushes, soaps, shower gels and any other loose items.

    •    Toilet lid down, removing toilet brushes, loo rolls, bath mats and scales.

    •    Towels can work if they’re matching and folded nicely over a towel rail

        Bedrooms :

    •    Remove laundry baskets, any clothes and shoes

    •    Bedside tables clean and de-cluttered

    •    Bed made with cushions plumped

        Externally :

    •    Gardens clear of hoses, brushes, children’s toys and bikes etc

    •    The front of the property cleared of bins, vehicles “motor bikes and cars”.